Les Grandes Sodomisees Vont Seclater

The director is a J. H. Lewis, but perfectly French; there’s no doubting that. Three males are credited: André Kay, Alain Térieur (kills me!), and a Sandro Hiroshima. On the girls side, we have a Léa Ricco ( another stunning piece of humour I guess), a Sonia Volle and a Gina Patrou. So much for the casting on the screen. The sleeve, on a second hand, gives André Kav (obvious mistake), Myriam (???), Sonia Wolle and Caroline M. (good old time when you could so easily change your name!). The story deals with a young couple (in an old castle) in which the future husband tells his would-be wife that he belongs to a sort of legend society whose activity can be summed up to the sharing/testing of the future wife by all the members in order to see if she’ll be able to make out her lover from the group. The future bride agrees and she is soon tested by one of the two women who later is seen fornicating with the future husband. Then the girl is seduced by another of the three men (André Kay) and so on until she lives out all possibilities.